Review: PIG – Prey & Obey

Our Lord of Lard is back with a second coming (of sorts). Riding in on the tails of the previously released full-length album The Gospel, […]

Review: PIG – The Gospel

The Lord of Lard, our Mighty Swine is finally back. Having disappeared for a bit and then bounce around musically pushing out a few EPs […]

Review: Gone is Gone

“Supergroup”. That’s a term tossed around whenever known, established, talented musicians get together, form a band and create an album. Personally, I think it’s a […]

Review: NOIR – The Burning Bridge

After almost three years since the debut NOIR album “Darkly Near”, Athan Maroulis and crew are putting out some more music under the NOIR name. […]

Review: DevilDriver – Trust No One

DevilDriver manages to accomplish what many metal bands have a hard time doing. With their new album “Trust No One” DevilDriver puts together 10 songs […]

Review: Primitive Race

I’m going to throw out some names and see if you recognize any of them: Tommy Victor, Dave Ogilvie, Chris Kniker, Graham Crabb, Erie Loch, […]

Review: Black December – Vol. 1

After 16Volt disbanded in 2014 some may have wondered what would be next. Well Eric Powell’s answer to that question is Black December. A self […]

Review: Coal Chamber – Rivals

It’s been a long time since I have listened to Coal Chamber. Even at their prime in the late ’90s I was never much of […]


I’ve mentioned in other reviews that I am not much of a fan when it comes to remix albums. Most remix albums suffer from a […]

Review: Machines on Blast

We usually don’t review EPs around here. It’s hard to get a feel for a band based only around 5 or less songs. However we […]

Review: Cocksure – TVMALSV

Yes! The Revolting Cocks are back! Well, one cock is back at least. While the last couple of albums The Revolting Cocks have produced are […]

Review: 3Teeth – 3Teeth

If you are an Industrial music fan and if you lived through the time period or are a fan of it, you know exactly what […]