Fugazi Live Series Is Online

Back in the day, long before YouTube and everyone having a video camera in their pocket (we’re talkin the late 1980’s), Fugazi travelled the world. […]

Chris Cornell Talks About Soundgarden

Chris Cornell stopped by Rolling Stone to chat. He talks about how he enjoys playing acoustic music and also talks a bit about Soundgarden, including […]

Puscifer gets back in the studio

Maynard James Keenan is spending the summer touring with reunited alt-rockers A Perfect Circle, but this fall he’ll focus on another one of his projects, […]

Free Music! Radiohead cover songs

Just the other day we posted our own article about some of our favorite cover songs. Turns out the crew over at Stereogum did a […]

A Perfect Circle back on tour!

A Perfect Circle will tour North America for the first time in six years, kicking off their 2011 tour dates with a headlining performance at […]

Tidal Arms / Drummers June 2011 tour

News about Tidal Arms 2011 tour came across my inbox today. I’ve never heard of these guys before so I checked out their bandcamp page. […]