maskin the swarm The Swedish Fuzz Rock band Maskin are currently streaming two new songs from their upcoming album due this fall. If you are into distorted, guitar driven heavy Rock then check out the tracks below. “The Swarm” has a nice Melvins/COC-esque vibe.

MASKIN is a swedish heavy rock band, driven by fuzz and the love for heavy rock.

Formed in at a local bar in Örebro when old-time friends John, Viktor and Kent met and decided to make some kick-ass rock together. Along came Joel, whom had spoken of the urge to riff out. One hang-over later, and the first tunes had seen the light.

Fast forward one year. The lads have found a singer in Benny, which adds a lot to the table through his raw singing and input to the songs. But it wasn’t certain anything would came out at all. After been left by their singer on New Years Eve 2012/2013 they were stranded. But the search for Benny was short.

The quintet is finally here with their debut single which they hope is something that will blow everybodys mind. Or at least get those feet moving or that head banging.

The songs are recorded in the, soon to be legendary, recording studio Bombshelter where among others, Truckfighters have recorded their records.

MASKIN follows the beaten track of fellow musicians from Örebro such as Witchcraft, Truckfighters, Graveyard, Troubled Horse & Captain Crimson


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