Maynard James Keenan is spending the summer touring with reunited alt-rockers A Perfect Circle, but this fall he’ll focus on another one of his projects, Puscifer, which will release their second album, Conditions of My Parole, on October 18. “We’re still mixing, but it’s mostly finished,” Maynard tells SPIN. “Musically, it’s like Twin Peaks in the desert.”

The LP is being recorded in Northern Arizona, where Maynard lives and owns vineyards for his Caduceus Wines brand. In fact, the band set up a makeshift studo in his wine cellar. “It’s different writing music in the outback compared to writing music on Hollywood Boulevard,” he says of the high desert location. “The Verde Valley has so much diversity. You’ve got stories of ghosts and aliens, plus republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, vineyards, ranches, horses. It’s hostile territory: You’ve got scorpions, black widows, brown recluse, javelina, rattlesnakes… and hippies.”

Man Overboard,” the first single from the album, will be available via iTunes and other digital service providers on July 19.

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