Marc Broude – Psychological Warfare
Release Date: May 2011
Marc Broude Psychological Warfare coverIndustrial-noise is a difficult music genre. Things can go very right and you have bands like Godflesh and 1.5.6. Things can also go very wrong and all you get is non-melodic noise that makes your ears bleed. We didn’t have much to go on with Marc Broude’s Psychological Warfare. All that was provided for our listening pleasure was two tracks, “Psychological Warfare” and “God Smacker”.

“Psychological Warfare” is the better of the two. The song is fairly well balanced between being melodic and noise. It carries a slow, sludge groove with some nice angst guitar riffs laid on top. The vocals are hostile and distorted. They’re a bit too buried into the mix for my taste but it works for the song. With the distortion so heavy on them, they become another layer to the noise while staying audible. The track is reminiscent of old Pitchshifter or Optimum Wound Profile. The second track, “God Smacker”, is not a bad track but not as strong as “Psychological Warfare”. It incorporates more distortion, more redundant riffs and buries the vocals even more.

The press release with the music states:

“Reminiscent of bands like Ministry, Godflesh and Sepultura, Marc Broude has created what sounds like “new music from the 90’s” complete with angst-ridden guitar riffs, thrashing drum beats, guttural vocals and an overdose of distortion. Working solo, Marc Broude sounds like a full band.”

This is a fair description. It’s hard to determine the direction a full album would take based on these two tracks alone. I would be more than willing to give it a listen to find out.

“Psychological Warfare”
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