Who the hell got f’n Rock n’ Roll mixed in with my Industrial?!? Jared Louche (of Chemlab) and gang you say? Well ok then, I’ll let it happen because… it completely rocks! Prude might be composed of familiar Industrial music names but it might not be quite what you expect. Read on for more about Prude’s album “The Dark Age of Consent”.

Prude consists of an agglomeration of Industrial and Rock talent from the likes of Chemlab (Jared Louche), Caustic (Matt Finale), Plastic Heroes (Marc Olivier) and Cyanotic (Phil DiSiena). With this roster of talent one might think an Industrial sound would take center stage. If you think that you would be wrong…sorta.

If you’re a fan of Louche, especially his work outside of Chemlab, Prude will not surprise you in the least. Prude’s “The Dark Age of Consent” does an outstanding job of mixing an electronic/industrial sound with an Iggy & The Stooges-ish Punk/Rock vibe. It makes for quite a cool and interesting album.

Songs like “Great Eraser (In The Sky)” and “Scatterbrain” completely hone in on the Rock vibe sprinkled with industrial touches. Whereas tracks like (my favorite) “Plague Star (Black Light Burning)” and “Cigarette Burn Heart” have far more of an Industrial vibe with only subtle Rock tinges. This is why I say, if you are familiar with Louche’s other work, Prude won’t be a surprise but definitely a welcome addition. It’s almost a perfect mix of Rock and Industrial in one excellent package.

Prude does an outstanding job of mixing things up and providing an interesting combo of Rock and Industrial music on “Dark Age of Consent“. I firmly believe this can be attributed to the talent involved. If you are looking for something a little different but definitely rocking, do not hesitate to check out Prude’s album “The Dark Age of Consent”. It won’t disappoint.

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