We usually don’t review EPs around here. It’s hard to get a feel for a band based only around 5 or less songs. However we are always willing to break our own rules. Listening to Machines On Blast is one of these times. If you’re into noisy, thumpy Industrial then read on about Machines On Blast.

It seems that the harsher Industrial music sounds are making a comeback. In a similar fashion as bands like Chrysalide, Machines on Blast follow the heavy, thumpy beats and harsh distorted vocals approach to Industrial. All good things in my book. While not quite as chaotic as Chrysalide or Dawn of Ashes, M.O.B still has a sense of creepiness and distortion that makes it interesting and a good listen.

Machines on Blast keep things a bit more danceable and a tad more EBM with their self titled E.P. With tracks like “Not the Only Way” they ride that line of heavy and aggressive, yet something one could dance to in their dark, dank nightclub of choice. Well, that can probably be said for all the tracks on the E.P. actually. With “Small Town Boy” they slow things down, even incorporating some piano for a slower, yet nice gritty and heavy feel.

I dig what I hear on the Machines on Blast E.P. and definitely look forward to hearing a full length album from them in the future. If you are into harsh Industrial bands like Skinny Puppy, Dawn of Ashes or Chrysalide then check out Machines On Blast.

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