Yes! The Revolting Cocks are back! Well, one cock is back at least. While the last couple of albums The Revolting Cocks have produced are really almost anything but true REVCO albums in my opinion, COCKSURE is self described as “the bastard that once was ‘REVCO’ deformed and dug up, re-animated and re-branded.” An accurate description. A key aspect making this possible is that COCKSURE involves original REVCO member Chris Connelly. Along side Connelly is Jason Novak of DJ? Acucrack.

COCKSURE’s TVMALSV is like REVCO disappeared for twenty years, then decided to pick up exactly where things left off. Musically, COCKSURE achieves this on TVMALSV. The album oozes those familiar sounds and beats of old-school REVCO in the Wax Trax days. From Connelly’s familiar Scottish barking and gruff vocals, to distorted guitars and pounding mid-tempo Industrial beats. Even REVCO collaborator Richard 23 is featured on the track “TKO Mindfuck”.

The familiar industrial sound of REVCO done right is ever present with COCKSURE and is delivered on nearly every track on TVMALSV. The album is also just as filthy and dirty as REVCO was if not more so with tracks like “Cock Ripped to The Giddy Tits” and “Alpha Male Bling”. Sex, drugs & rock n’ roll man.

I realize I’ve made many comparison’s to REVCO. It may be a dirty beast of a different name but COCKSURE is the true REVCO reborn. It’s just that easy and beautiful. So if you’re a fan of the old Wax Trax! industrial sound, don’t hesitate to pick up COCKSURE’s album TVMALSV.

While you’re at it, also pickup their “Klusterfuck Kulture” EP. It’s just as good.

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