I’ve mentioned in other reviews that I am not much of a fan when it comes to remix albums. Most remix albums suffer from a multitude of issues; only a few good tracks, songs that are poorly mixed, poor production quality. Periodically though there are exceptions. NOIR’s remix album RE:MIT:TENT is one such exception.

RE:MIT:TENT is twenty tracks of remix craziness. What’s interesting with RE:MIT:TENT is that there are so many version of the same song it becomes alluring listening to the variations. With excellent production quality and distinct variety, RE:MIT:TENT holds your attention and sucks you in. Each track is so different, even though its variations of the same song, that you get a new sound and whole new song with each version.

That is the strength that lies with RE:MIT:TENT. All the tracks are so varied and each mix so unique, both compared to the original and the other remixes, that it never gets dull. You have remixes by artists like Assemblage 23, Deadliner, Die Sektor, PBK & Artemis K and even Black Tape for a Blue Girl.

Even though all the tracks are so different, the thread that helps tie them all together into a cohesive NOIR entity is the enchanting vocals of Athan Maroulis. Wether you are listening to the more stripped down, industrial-ish version of “Timephase” by PBK & Artemis K or “The Bells” by Deadliner (my favorite track); the enchanting vocals by Maroulis grab you. Sometimes creepy, sometimes sultry and always excellent, the vocals are the glue holding all the remix variety together.

If you’re a fan of Spahn Ranch or NOIR’s Darkly Near album, check out RE:MIT:TENT. It’s worth a buy.

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