DevilDriver manages to accomplish what many metal bands have a hard time doing. With their new album “Trust No One” DevilDriver puts together 10 songs of pulsing and pounding metal. All ten tracks work together to form a cohesive album, yet each track has it’s own identity. So “Trust No One” doesn’t just sound like a single forty-two minute song. It’s a collection of badass individual metal tracks that all work together to form a killer album.

For those already familiar with DevilDriver, there are no surprises here. Each track has the thundering drums, the screeching guitars, sludgy grooves, and the angry growls of Dez that DevilDriver is known for. With “Trust No One”, DevilDriver manages to create yet another ultra-heavy album all while managing to avoid being boring. Each track sucks you in, beats you around a bit and then lets you go. The prefect kind of metal whether your in a good mood or really pissed off. “Trust No One” will help get you head banging in all cases.

For me the standout track is also the title track “Trust No One“. It’s an excellent balance of screeching lead guitars, signature break-neck drumming and Dez’s growls. The track switches gears and tempos at the right times to keep it interesting but never let’s up from the speed. It all works quite well.

Old fans of DevilDriver will most certainly not be disappointed with “Trust No One“. New fans, welcome to the beast that is DevilDriver.


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