Even though I am a horror fan, truthfully I am not much of a Black metal fan. Sure the music is fast and heavy, but the vocals almost always turn me off. The scary/horror/satan aspects of many of the bands are just silly. Dawn of Ashes, however, suffer no such fate. These guys take the scary/horror elements of their metal seriously and it shows. Their latest album, Theophany, is no different.

With each track on Theophany, Dawn of Ashes hammer down the fast and thundering drums. The guitars shred and shriek. All while Kristof growls, grunts, screams and sounds scary as hell (and never gets annoying). Buried within this metal shell are symphonic melodies, keyboards and soundtrack like music. This is what makes Dawn of Ashes different and good.

With Theophany, Dawn of Ashes continues to hone in on what they do well. This time around they have sped things up a tad compared to their previous albums. They still manage to combine several musical elements and styles all the while creating a scary/horrific atmosphere that manages to stay engaging and entertaining. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to Hell metal.

This is what I enjoy about Theophany. It’s almost like some sort of hybrid Symphonic Industrial Death Metal and not boring ‘ol Black metal. That’s why Dawn of Ashes works. They’re mixing things up more on Theophany, and they are doing it well. It’s definitely worth a listen.

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