Some feel Industrial music (as they know it form the 90’s) is dead. Ministry has gone Thrash Metal, RevCo has gone synth pop (say some). Well a duo that is holding on to the Industrial roots they know is Cocksure. Devised of Chris Connelly (RevCo & Ministry) and Jason Novak (Acumen Nation), these two men are bringing the 90’s style Industrial back to the fore front. Their latest single Heretic Hypocrite proves just that.

Around here at HFON, we really only like to review full albums or at a minimum EPs of five songs or more. When we hear tracks like “Heretic Hypocrite” however, we knew we needed to bend the rules. Why? Hypocrite Heretic is Industrial through and through. That is why. It has elements of old school Revco combined with more modern Industrial beats. First and foremost though it is an amazing, rhythm centric Industrial track made by two pioneers of Industrial music, Chris Connelly and Jason Novak.

I was already a fan of Cocksure from their previous releases, but this new track, Heretic Hypocrite, has made me take notice even more. Fans of Ministry, RevCo, and the like will enjoy this song.

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