The Lord of Lard, our Mighty Swine is finally back. Having disappeared for a bit and then bounce around musically pushing out a few EPs with Primitive Race (Long in the Tooth EP) and Marc Heal (Compound Eye EP), PIG itself is finally back with a new album. Let us all bow to The Gospel.

For the uninitiated PIG is the sexy music brainchild of Raymond Watts. Watts has worked closely with acts such as KMFDM, Chemlab and even fashion man Alexander McQueen. PIG though has been around for a long time with the first album coming out around 1988. PIG as band has always centered itself around sexuality, an orchestral tone with dark lyrics and industrial rock. PIG has always been amazing.

However this is not an exposé. This article is about the latest PIG release, The Gospel. Of which, PIG and Raymond Watts does not disappoint. Joining up with fellow ex-KMFDM members En Esch and the amazing guitarist Günter Schultz, PIG cranks out some fantastic and catchy Industrial Rock with “The Gospel”.

Holding on to the preacher style aspect PIG is known for, we have the amazing tracks of “The Diamond Sinners” and “Toleration or Truth”. Tracks with stunning guitar work, catchy beats and Watts’ amazing vocal style that combine story teller and rock singer.

Also on the album are tracks like “Saturated” that slow things down a bit, get a little more old school Industrial Rock (and very preacher like) with some great beats and slow rhythms.

All I am left to say is; if you aren’t familiar with PIG and/or Raymond Watts, shame on you. Educate yourself. If you know or don’t know of PIG, check out The Gospel. Watts has done it once again with some amazing Industrial Rock that will titilate and excite while also making you feel dirty. You will love it none the less.


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