After 16Volt disbanded in 2014 some may have wondered what would be next. Well Eric Powell’s answer to that question is Black December. A self described “heavy rock” band, Black December – Vol. 1 is similar to 16Volt but something different. A very good kind of different.

Black December’s “Vol. 1” album shares some aspects of that 16Volt sound thanks to founding member Eric Powell’s involvement. However with Black December, Powell cranks things up to 11 compared to 16volt. “Vol. 1” still has some touches of electronic industrial that 16volt had but what comes first and up-front is a heavy, crunchy guitar sound. Those guitars are backed by pounding drum beats and Powell’s clean, yet rough toned vocals. Powell and gang on Black December know how to shift between slow groove melody, as found on “This Is Not The New” and the foot stomping, heavy chaos like on “The Division of Hate”. All nine tracks on Black December walk this sort of line.

I’ve always been a 16Volt fan but to be honest I think I am quickly becoming more of a Black December fan. I really dig the direction Powell has gone with Black December. It’s a great balance of heavy rock and catchy industrial. Black December “Vol. 1” is definitely worth a purchase.


Black December is:
Eric Powell – Vocals, Guitar
Keith Hirschman – Drums
Bobby “Crowbob” Thomas – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Kimber Parrish – Bass, Vocals
Erik Gustafson – Guitars, Vocals, Synths

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