An Introduction to Country Blues

There is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to country blues: Delta blues, folk blues, acoustic blues; the name alone is problematic. To many […]

ohGr – Undeveloped coming May 10th

That musical creep of industrial mayhem, ohGr is back. He has a new album coming out May 10th on Metropolis Records. If you are anxious, […]


KMFDM – WTF?! Released: April 26th, 2011 Label: Metropolis Records KMFDM has a new album out and it’s a good one. Being the Industrial music […]

Batillus – “Furnace”

Batillus is a Brooklyn-based doom metal band that breaks a lot of ground, seemingly with their fists. It’s good to know that not everything coming […]

Review: Graveyard – Hisingen Blues

In the metal community, when someone mentions Sweden, Death Metal usually comes to mind. Bands like Entombed, The Haunted and Arch Enemy. With a name […]

Martin Grech – Unholy

Martin Grech is another one of those “happy accident” finds. I first encountered Grech’s song Heritage while watching the credits to the film The Devil’s […]

Punk Music: Where To Begin

This site is all about music. What’s good. What’s bad. What’s worth spending money on and what to avoid. With that I give you a […]

Bad Religion – Wrong Way Kids

Here’s the video for the Bad Religion song Wrong Way Kids on their album Dissent of Man. The video has nice footage of Bad Religion […]

Public Domain Protest Song

Tired of the insanity going on with corporations today? Tired of how the corporate big shots keep getting richer (even when their company fails) while […]

Ewan Dobson plays acoustic trance

During my internet meandering today I ran across this video of Ewan Dobson. Now, admittedly I am a drums kind of guy, but I enjoy […]

Gwar – School’s Out

It’s still a bit early as summer isn’t quite here yet, but who cares. School’s been out for me for a long time (damn I’m […]

You need Big Business

“Quality over quantity” is what they say. Big Business delivers big time in the quality department. Often considered as stoner or sludge rock, to me […]

Creepy Music Videos

I know it’s old school to say, but I miss the days of good music videos. When I say good, I really mean videos that […]

The Soft Moon – Into The Depths

The internet is always full of happy accidents. The Soft Moon turned out to be one of those for me. Navigating through the depths of […]

KMFDM – WTF?! Coming Soon

Those pioneers of industrial music KMFDM are coming out with their next album titled WTF?!. Slated for an April 26th release, promos and singles are […]