Man.Machine.Industry is one of those “industrial” bands that have actually been around for a while but you’ve probably never heard of them. I am a big fan of this kind of music and I found them by accident when I ran across them while researching a few other industrial bands. I will be blunt and say, with their appearance, song names and album art, at first glance it seems they are bordering on the cliche “industrial style” so many other bands try to do and fail. Once you get into the music on this album however, you realize these guys have some substance and take their music seriously.

I feel it’s a good comparison (and compliment) to say that the sound these guys produce is somewhere in the same vein as Static-X or Misery Loves Co. So if you are a fan of those bands you will definitely like M.M.I. With tracks “Who I Am is How I Kill” and “The Rise & Fall of the Insane” they go for the white knuckle fast pace typical of this style of music. Never letting you go until the song is over. Between the various tracks they do a good job of changing up between fast pace to moderate tempo and even having some melody in a few songs.

The real gem on this album though is Man.Machine.Industry’s cover of Iron Maiden’s “Running Free“. Most of the covers I’ve heard of this song have been done very poorly. Most bands just try to mimic Iron Maiden. M.M.I actually turns things around and is successful in making “Running Free” sound more like their own. With throaty, electronic(ish) vocals and electronic sounds overlaid in the song it is a nice twist on a Maiden classic. Check out the video for it below.

Overall if you are a fan of this style of music, Man.Machine.Industry – White Trash Devil in a Jesus Christ Pose is worth checking out.


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