Released: April 26th, 2011
Label: Metropolis Records

KMFDM has a new album out and it’s a good one. Being the Industrial music pioneers they are, since 1984, they have consistently produce quality music over the years. Sure, in this reviewer’s opinion, a few have been misses but not many. The latest album, WTF?! is not a miss. It is a direct hit.

Kaptain K (Sascha Konietzko) leads the same crew he has used for the past few releases starting with their album WWIII. With WTF?! though he also recruited some friends including Bill Rieflin (Pigface, Ministry) and Koichi Fukuda (Static-X). They’re still “Ripping The System” and staying true to their megalomaniacal ways.

WTF?! is a well done mix of songs that combine the type of sounds they’ve been honing over the years. Songs like “Death & Burial Of C.R.” is reminiscent of the song style used on the “Symbols” album. Vocals are varied, electronically distorted and creepy as hell. Musically it stays simple with some slow heavy beats buried under a repeating pattern of electronic whines and noise.

As with previous albums, Lucia gets her fair share of time on vocals. Singing on 5 of the 11 tracks. Her smooth, sexy voice overlaid with aggressive guitar and electronic beats works very well on songs like “Amnesia” and “Dystopia.” While she gets aggressive on songs like “Take It Like A Man” and “Rebels in Kontrol“.

Kaptain K does his vocal thing on tracks like “Come On – Go Off” and “Panzerfaust.” Both songs are nice and heavy on the guitar and drum work mixed with his combo of talking and yelling vocals. Like previous albums there is a slew of various languages used (English, Italian, German, Latin, Hebrew, Lingala, Spanish and Russian) with “Panzerfuast” being sung in Italian.

It’s good to see KMFDM continue to “Rip The System”, force a hostile takeover and keep cranking out excellent and interesting music with WTF?!. Follow the lady below to go buy it!
KMFDM WTF?! album

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