Review: PIG – The Gospel

The Lord of Lard, our Mighty Swine is finally back. Having disappeared for a bit and then bounce around musically pushing out a few EPs […]

Review: KMFDM – Kunst

KMFDM – Kunst Released: February 26th, 2013 Label: Metropolis Records KMFDM has a rocking new album out called “Kunst”. It IS the ultra heavy beat. […]

KMFDM Streaming New Song Ave Maria

KMFDM have released another track from their forthcoming album “Kunst”, due out February 26th via Metropolis Records. The new track titled “Ave Maria” has the […]

KMFDM 2013 US Tour

KMFDM have released their 2013 tour schedule for next year for their upcoming album “Kunst”. They’ll only be here in March here in the US, […]

New KMFDM “Kunst” Track Released

KMFDM are gearing up for their next release KUNST in 2013. To whet everyone’s appetite they’ve released the title track “Kunst“. It is true KMFDM […]

New KMFDM single “Amnesia”

KMFDM have released new music! Their new song “Amnesia” is making the rounds. Check out the video and press release below. It’s good stuff.

Review: Lords of Acid – Deep Chills

Lords of Acid – Deep Chills Released: April 10th, 2012 Label: Metropolis Records It’s been ten long years, but Lords of Acid are finally back. […]

SKOLD – Anomie

Tim Sköld is probably one of the busiest and lesser known musicians working in the Industrial music scene. Hailing from Skövde, Sweden, he got his […]


KMFDM – WTF?! Released: April 26th, 2011 Label: Metropolis Records KMFDM has a new album out and it’s a good one. Being the Industrial music […]

KMFDM – WTF?! Coming Soon

Those pioneers of industrial music KMFDM are coming out with their next album titled WTF?!. Slated for an April 26th release, promos and singles are […]