Swamp Terrorists Grow-Speed-Injection albumComing out of Switzerland, Swamp Terrorists was one of those bands that were a bit ahead of their time. They were one of the first electro-industrial music groups I encountered as a youth that were truly heavy. KMFDM hadn’t quite found their “heavy” yet. Front Line Assembly was similar in style at that time, but Swamp Terrorists was different. It was electronic but with guitars and was much more angry.

To get their sound, Swamp Terrorists incorporate pounding electronic beats, mixed with heavy guitar riffs. Most of their unique sound is created with heavy drums, guitar samples and various other sampling from a variety of sources (movies, TV shows, other bands). All this is mixed with aggressive, angst filled vocals. What makes “Grow-Speed-Injection” different, however, is how Swamp Terrorists put it all together. Instead of leaning towards a heavy metal slant like Ministry or White Zombie, Swamp Terrorists took a more electro-dance approach. On “Grow-Speed-Injection” songs like “Rawhead” or “Rebuff!” are filled with heavy, steady beats and a danceable rhythm. They’ll make your head shake and your feet move. Where as “Braintrash” goes a different way utilize lightning fast guitar samples and programmed drum beats impossible to keep up with. On top of all this are the slightly electronic, angry and gruff vocals of Ane H. The music Swamp Terrorists create fits together well for some perfect electro-industrial goodness.

If you get into bands like Army Of The Universe, ohGr or KMFDM you should try to track down the work of Swamp Terrorists. They’ll fit quite well into your collection.

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Grow - Speed - Injection - Swamp Terrorists

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