Lords of Acid – Little Might Rabbit EP
Released: September 27th, 2011
Label: Metropolis Records

The Lords of Acid are back. It’s been almost ten years since Lords of Acid have released any new music. To wet your appetite for the upcoming new album, they have sent the Little Mighty Rabbit EP out into the world. This EP will definitely entice you and work you up into wanting more.

The EP has three new tracks and nine remix versions of “Little Mighty Rabbit”. As usual with Lords of Acid, sex is the name of the game and with Little Mighty Rabbit they don’t disappoint. The track “Little Mighty Rabbit” is full of sex filled lyrics (best line talks about being a “Sex toy geek”), groove based beats, rhythmic electronic noise and new comer DJ Mea’s sultry vocals. She balances seduction and aggression quite well. Gay, straight, bi, male or female, if her vocals don’t seduce you, then something is wrong with you. Mea and Lucia from KMFDM need to do a song together. That would make for one hell of an aggressive & seductively loaded song.

Another new track on the EP is “Drowning in Ecstasy“. This track is a bit more aggressive than “Little Mighty Rabbit” with some more aggressive core beats mixed with high-end electronic noise. For half of the song Mea replaces her sultry vocal style for a more commanding tone. Like a dominatrix bossing you around (and channeling a bit of Joan Jett in my opinion). The steady pounding beats, seductive vocals, guitar hooks and electronic noise make the track feel like it belongs in a Tron porno.

The third new track on the EP is “Sole Sucker“. This one is actually my least favorite track. It has some interesting sweeping electronic noise mixed with some odd beats. Mea sings with more aggression and almost a soul vocal style at times. The song just doesn’t work for me. Part of that could be, as the name implies, it’s all about feet. Feet bother me.

On top of the three new tracks, as mentioned, there are nine remix versions of “Little Mighty Rabbit“. The people having their hand in the remixes range from industrial music pros KMFDM and Chris Vrenna (Army of the Universe, Marilyn Manson) to DJ Christopher Lawrence, DJ Micro and others. The styles of the remixes cover quite a range. My personal favorite being the “Tweaker Mix” by Chris Vrenna. It has a dark, Industrial feel added to it which works quite well. For the more DJ influenced crowd, the mixes by Christopher Lawrence and DJ Micro are appealing and mixed well. Between all the remixes, the core of the song is kept the same but the beats are changed up enough that the EP never gets boring.

If you are a fan of Lords of Acid or just dig electronic industrial-dance music, pick up “Litte Mighty Rabbit“. With three new tracks and nine remixes, it will hold you over until the full album is released.

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Check out the video to “Little Mighty Rabbit” below. Beware though, it is definitely NSFW.

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