Review: KMFDM – Our Time Will Come

Short version for the TL;DR crowd. If you’re a KMFDM fan, just go buy Our Time Will Come. You won’t be disappointed. For those who are interested in reviews, read on.

On Our Time Will Come, KMFDM does an excellent job mixing the distinctive sound they have honed and toyed with over the years. Our Time Will Come is not as aggressive and angry as their previous album Kunst. That’s not to say there aren’t a few hard hitting tracks. It’s just the overall tone of the music on Our Time Will Come leans more towards the industrial-dance and less towards the heavy guitars and fast paced pounding found on a few pervious albums.

Those who have been listening to KMFDM since the ‘90s will pick up on many of the recognizable sounds KMFDM has used over the years on Our Time Will Come. That’s one of the great things about the album. You have solid, thumpy beats. You have tracks with crunchy guitars and some with very little guitar. A few tracks lean aggressive while others are more bouncy and dance. You can also hear familiar electronic tones and noises that have been used over the course of the band’s career.

As with the last several albums, Lucia is the main voice on most of the 10 tracks. So for those who are not a fan of her vocal stylings, you may want to pick and choose buying the songs. For those like myself who enjoy Lucia’s vocals, don’t hesitate to grab the whole thing. It’s another worthy album from KMFDM.

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