KMFDM – Kunst
Released: February 26th, 2013
Label: Metropolis Records

KMFDM has a rocking new album out called “Kunst”. It IS the ultra heavy beat. Go buy it! The end.

What? Oh, fine… I’ll expand on that.

KMFDM is one of those bands who have been creating their music for a long time. They know exactly what they are doing. After picking up a copy of “Kunst” I went back through most of KMFDM’s catalog and came to an interesting conclusion. At least in my opinion, KMFDM has never made a truly bad album. Sure some, such as “Nihil” (my ultimate favorite) are stronger than others but there isn’t a single album by KMFDM I would consider absolutely horrible. Now with “Kunst” being their latest, it ranks right up there amongst the more solid and top KMFDM albums.

Most KMFDM fans (that I know at least) sort of have their favorite KMFDM “period”. Some like the “softer” earlier stuff. While others love the “Symbols” and “Adios” era albums. Later albums, such as “WWIII” and “WTF?!” brought a little more of a metal sound to KMFDM and more female vocals by Lucia front and center.

Why mention all this? Well, “Kunst” falls firmly in sound somewhere between the “Symbols” era KMFDM and later albums “WTF?!” and “WWIII”. “Kunst” is a forceful album that brings on the heavy KMFDM beat in a big way.

Out of the gate we have the title track “Kunst” featuring a pounding beat mixed with chugging guitar riffs and Kap’n K’s signature vocals. If this song doesn’t get you moving you are either deaf or you hate Industrial music. In fact, that could be said for every song on this album.

Tracks like “Animal Out” and “Pussy Riot” follow in a similar vein with heavy beats, chugging rhythmic guitars, some nice guitar stabs here and there and Lucia’s excellent vocals on lead with Sascha expertly mixed in on backing vocals.

Just like on “WTF?!”, “Kunst” has a track that slow things down, but just a tad. “I <3 Not” features Sascha on vocals with a deeper and slower, more creepy vocal style mixed in with digital sampling, very subtle guitar stabs and more digital noise than other tracks. While “Next Big Thing” speeds up the beats while still keeping them pounding. It lays on a more digital noise tone while mixing in grungy vocals and screechy, whining guitars that sit up front.

So what am I saying with all this? Just in case it’s not very obvious, “Kunst” is an extremely solid KMFDM album. In fact, for this listener, it’s right up there with “Nihil”. If you are an Industrial music fan and dig the KMFDM “Ultra Heavy Beat”, “Kunst” will most definitely not disappoint… at all.

Buy the album:

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2 Replies to “Review: KMFDM – Kunst”

  1. If Nihil is your favorite, then you would probably also enjoy Pig, the solo project of the guy who sings on most of that album.

    1. Yup, I’m a big fan of PIG and Raymond Watts. I really dig his cover of Alice Cooper’s “Hello Hooray”, the “extra large” version.

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