NuclearNation For you industrial-noise fans out there you should check out Nuclear Nation from Cyprus. It’s dark, heavy and aggressive noise done well. Info and music below:

Nuclear Nation is a one-man-band whose existence started back in late 2007 in the corrupted city of Lefkosia in Cyprus and since then the band is spreading destruction through experimental noise and destroying every kind of music style that it comes under the attention of the maniac behind the band. Maniac is inspired by music, revolutions, futuristic thinking, destruction, machines, kicks, ambience and psychedelic drug trips. During 2009 the project started projecting signs of evollution and started turning it self into a rythmic and destructive project. This was then manifested with the 2012 release of the first full-length album of the project under the name “Just Before Your End”.

Download Link:
Album “Just Before Your End”

Contact Info:
Georgios Hadjimanolis

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Youtube Video Clips:

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