Panikk – Unbearable Conditions
Released: March 12th, 2013
Label: Metal Tank Records

panikk unbearable conditionsI can probably count the number of thrash metal bands I truly enjoy today on one hand. I’m not sure if that says something about me or something about the state of Thrash today. Maybe both? After listening to Panikk’s “Unbearable Conditions” however, I can now count using two hands.

It’s no surprise that a thrash band would hail from Europe. Ljubljana to be exact. Forming in 2008, Panikk is heavily influenced by Bay area thrash metal bands such as Exodus and Forbidden. This influence definitely shows as Panikk has that Bay area Thrash sound down pretty damn well.

“Unbearable Conditions” is full of blistering guitars, pummeling drum beats and aggressive, throaty vocals that growl but manage to not grate on the nerves. On pretty much all the tracks Panikk manages to keep things interesting. They blast away at break neck speed, only to suddenly turn things down, just a tad, with some killer slower rhythms. Then they’re slamming you in the face again with crazy guitar riffs and lightning beats.

Fans of Thrash metal and bands like Exodus or Vio-lence should pick up a copy of “Unbearable Conditions”. It’s well worth a listen.

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