“Quality over quantity” is what they say. Big Business delivers big time in the quality department. Often considered as stoner or sludge rock, to me Big Business just simply rocks.

Starting as a two piece, then later becoming a three piece, Big Business delivers a sound that is fast and frantic rock at most times. They also know when to slow things down to get you really interested in what’s going on, only to quickly blast right back. What makes Big Business stand out though is Jared Warren’s unique vocals. It’s not just the gruff sound of his voice, but also the way he delivers. He knows when to hold notes, when to scream or not. His voice is just another instrument of the band’s unique sound.

Adding to the quality sound of each album, you get a lot of music in very few tracks. Often having only 8 or so tracks on each release, the running time comes in at around 40-45 minutes of music. With their song
I’ll Give You Something to Cry About reaching 9 minutes long, one might think the music would lose steam. It never does. Sure, the last three minutes of the song is a slow, doom sound of drums and guitars, but it still keeps it interesting.

Another great track from Mind The Drift is Cold Lunch. With it’s almost spaghetti western(ish) style guitar work, killer drumming and Warren’s vocals going from eery whisper to his usual scream, it is a great song.

So if you like your music fast & frantic with a touch of doom and gloom, go and pick up all of Big Business’ albums. You will not be disappointed.

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