In the metal community, when someone mentions Sweden, Death Metal usually comes to mind. Bands like Entombed, The Haunted and Arch Enemy. With a name like Graveyard one could assume these guys would fall into that same scene. One would be wrong.

Forming in 2006, Graveyard travels the musical path more in the vein of 70’s blues rock. Hisingen Blues, their second album, is heavy, fast and groovy as hell. It’s one of those metal albums that makes you bang your head and stomp your feet. It grabs a hold of you on the inside and forces you to move. With slightly sludgy guitars, slight distortion and fine vocals, Graveyard firmly plants a sound of their own.

Ungrateful Are The Dead” is by far my favorite track. It almost feels like a throw back to old Alice Cooper, only heavier with thick bass lines and more melody. “No Good, Mr Holden” continues with the heavy bass, groove rock vocals and screeching guitars. “Longing” mesmerizes with it’s catchy guitars and whistling only vocals. The song is almost a rock spaghetti western tune.

If you are a fan of old blues rock or bands like Witchcraft or The Sword, you will dig Graveyard’s “Hisingen Blues“.

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