I have been listening to Front Line Assembly for a long time. Ever since their controversial Millenium album came out. Since that album I have made a point to never miss a FLA release. When I first listened to their latest effort, Improvised. Electronic. Device., I could not stop playing it. For me, it is almost a perfect storm of digital music beauty that is a culmination of the last few Front Line Assembly releases.

Front Line Assembly is no stranger to evolving their sound, experimenting and trying new things. When their album Millenium was created, Bill Leeb decided to put guitars more front and center. For me that was the hook. With their album Flavour Of The Weak they went in a more techno direction. Less guitars and a lot more digital noise. Through out their releases, Front Line Assembly has managed to hold on to a style that is uniquely their own while still experimenting and evolving. Their latest album is no exception and it’s a great thing.

One of my favorite things about Front Line Assembly is how layered their music is. I.E.D does not disappoint in that regard. Improvised. Electronic. Device., in my opinion, is also probably one of their heaviest albums (which is why I love it so). Tracks Pressure Wave, Attack The Masses, and Angriff are heavy, guitar driven beasts with Bill Leeb’s signature raspy & digital vocals interlaced. Tracks like my personal favorite Shifting Through The Lens and Release lean more towards the electronic side, putting the heavy beats and digital sound more up front with less guitar work.

There are no bad tracks on this album. Not a single one. Their is an odd man out though, in my opinion. The song Stupidity (featuring Al Jourgensen from Ministry) feels a little out of place and plays more like a Ministry tune. Still a great song though.

If you’ve liked the heavier direction Front Line Assembly has headed with their last few releases you will enjoy this album.

Front Line Assembly is also on tour with Die Krupps supporting the album. Check out our post with a list of dates.

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