Our Lord of Lard is back with a second coming (of sorts). Riding in on the tails of the previously released full-length album The Gospel, PIG and crew have issued onto the masses a new follow-up six song EP Prey & Obey.

Prey & Obey continues what PIG created with The Gospel with heavy, raw industrial sound. With Prey & Obey we get three new tracks and three remixes of two of the new tracks. The standout track on this EP (for this reviewer) is the title track “Prey & Obey”. It has all the things we love in Industrial Rock; driving guitars that hook you in, hammering drums, an industrial beat that pounds, and of course Raymond Watts signature singing style. While this track does sound similar in vein to Watts involved KMFDM, I feel PIG stands up and demands even more attention with Prey & Obey.

The follow-up tracks “The Revelation” and “The Cult of Chaos” continues the Industrial sound with chunky guitar riffs, thumping beats and Watt’s signature growl. While just as much Industrial, these two tracks slows things down a bit compared to “Prey & Obey”.

The remix tracks work well and are altered enough that they stand out on their own. The tracks include remixes from Leaether Strip, Z.Marr, and En Esch. Of the three, we feel the Leæther Strip remix works the best. It’s a great combo of PIG blended with the signature Leæther Strip sound Claus Larsen is known for.

All in all, the three original tracks found on Prey & Obey fit perfectly together and all the tracks with remixes work as an excellent holdover until we get another full length from PIG.

PIG website: https://pigindustries.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pigindustries/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/raymondwatts

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