After almost three years since the debut NOIR album “Darkly Near”, Athan Maroulis and crew are putting out some more music under the NOIR name. It’s a four track EP and to be honest, I am disappointed. Disappointed it’s not another full album! “The Bells” from NOIR’s ‘Darkly Near” has been a go-to song for me since that album dropped. This new EP “The Burning Bridge” continues the excellent Gothic, Darkwave sound found on “Darkly Near”

“The Burning Bridge” is short, but by no means is it meek. The tracks on the EP contain one new one, “The Burning Bridge” while also containing a couple of covers; Duran Duran’s “The Chauffer” and an excellent version of a (very old) Ministry song “Same Old Madness”. With the Ministry cover, NOIR drops the 80s synth sound for a much darker, more melancholy tone and it works quite well. The same could actually be said for the Duran Duran cover. “Less dance and more thump” was thrown around our office describing it. I’m not a Duran Duran fan, but I actually dig this version of “The Chauffeur”.

If you have enjoyed the previous NOIR albums, don’t hesitate to pick up “The Burning Bridge”. It’s just as good and has all the quality sound NOIR is developing. If only there was more of it to go around.

NOIR features Athan Maroulis on vocals, backing vocals. Keyboards by Kai Irina Hahn and Demetra Songs along with programming and keyboards by Erik Gustafson. “The Burning Bridge” is dedicated to David Bowie.


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