“Supergroup”. That’s a term tossed around whenever known, established, talented musicians get together, form a band and create an album. Personally, I think it’s a rather dumb term. Why are established musicians deemed “super” mostly because they are known and/or popular? With that, most all “supergroups” only produce one album (I’m looking right at you Them Crooked Vultures!). With Gone is Gone, some are deeming them a “supergroup”. Gone is Gone consists of Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Tony Hajjar (At the Drive-In) and Mike Zarin (founder Sencit Music). I don’t want Gone is Gone to be a “supergroup”. They’re just too damn good. I want many, many more albums from these guys.

First out of the gate this round is their self titled “EP”. I have a feeling that some knee jerk reactions to Gone is Gone will be that it sounds like Mastodon. Most likely due to Troy’s signature voice and style. If you really pay attention and listen to the music though, you can hear distinctive elements from each of the bands that the members come from. The most obvious is Troy’s vocals that don’t veer too far from how he performs with Mastodon and some of Mastodon’s atmospheric elements. However, there are also plenty of elements of Queens of the Stone Age rhythm and thump and some components of At The Drive-In speed.

What makes the Gone is Gone EP great however is that, while parts of their “known” bands are there, Gone is Gone is it’s own entity with it’s own sound. It’s sludgy. It’s heavy. It’s also atmospheric and even catchy. Key parts of “Violescent” and “Stolen From Me” absorb into your brain and stay there for days.

One crazy thing to point out about this inaugural Gone is Gone “EP” is that it’s eight tracks and around thirty minutes long. For many bands nowadays that’s considered an album (sad, but true). Granted tracks “Character” and “Recede and Enter” are short instrumentals, they still add atmosphere and tone to the whole “EP”.

What I am saying with all this is, check out the Gone is Gone “EP”. If you’re a fan of Mastodon, QOTSA, At The Drive-in and the like, you will enjoy this album… er “EP”. It is most definitively worth a purchase.

Website: http://goneisgoneofficial.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goneisgoneofficial/

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