It’s been a rather long time since I’ve listened to My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult. With the exception of the two Thrill Kill Kult songs I have nestled within my large music collection. It’s not that I have ever disliked Thrill Kill Kult. Their music just never really struck a vibe with me. In fact my favorite My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult song is “After the Flesh” which is not really your traditional TKK song.

The hardcore TKK fans probably stopped reading this review with that sentence. I am also a fan of their track “Cuz It’s Hot”. The more funk driven, groove oriented TKK tracks are the ones that I could never quite latch on to. I am telling you this for a frame of reference. I can’t review “Spooky Tricks” compared to other TKK albums. I am not qualified for that. This review of “Spooky Tricks” is coming from a clean slate.

What I’ll come out swinging with is, “Spooky Tricks” is one kick ass Thrill Kill Kult album. With it’s appropriate title, “Spooky Tricks” conjures up some musical spooky vibes, some creepy vocals and groovy electronic dance beats. The “sound” on “Spooky Tricks” is an interesting combination of driving dance beats with hits of Industrial heaviness, mixed together with slow groove mastery. Plus electronic bleeps, noise and even sampling. Sounds like a mess doesn’t it? Well it all works quite well on “Spooky Tricks”. Throw in some creepy sounding vocal work and often sexually driven lyrics and you have the complete package that is most tracks on “Spooky Tricks”.

Neon Diva“, “Sex Witch” and “Hell Kat Klub” probably best represent the vibe going on with the album. “Hell Kat Klub” being one of my favorite tracks. It’s a great combo of electronic noise, sampling, a great sluggish EDM beat and a somewhat creepy vibe.

I’m not sure if Thrill Kill Kult has changed their sound some over the years or if my musical taste has changed. Perhaps a little of both. What Thrill Kill Kult put together for “Spooky Tricks” definitely works for me. It’s a great combo of sounds while maintaining the style TKK has been known for from the beginning. I’ll have to keep tabs on My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult now. Especially if they continue cranking out albums like this one. Put on TKK’s “Spooky Tricks” along with Lords Of Acid “Deep Chills” and have one hell of a party.

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