Review: Sepultura – Kairos

Sepultura – Kairos Released: July 12, 2011 Label: Nuclear Blast Records Fifteen years ago the main founder of Sepultura, Max Cavalera, left the band. Today […]

Review: Autopsy – Macabre Eternal

It seems 2011 is the year for death metal bands to have reunions with both Morbid Angel and Autopsy putting out new albums this year. […]

Batillus – “Furnace”

Batillus is a Brooklyn-based doom metal band that breaks a lot of ground, seemingly with their fists. It’s good to know that not everything coming […]

Review: Graveyard – Hisingen Blues

In the metal community, when someone mentions Sweden, Death Metal usually comes to mind. Bands like Entombed, The Haunted and Arch Enemy. With a name […]

You need Big Business

“Quality over quantity” is what they say. Big Business delivers big time in the quality department. Often considered as stoner or sludge rock, to me […]