Sepultura – Kairos
Released: July 12, 2011
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Fifteen years ago the main founder of Sepultura, Max Cavalera, left the band. Today only one original member, Paulo Jr., remains. Fans still debate if the current members deserve to keep the Sepultura name. Personally, it’s a stupid debate and who gives a shit. Kairos is another example that the current line-up is good at what they do.

Musically Kairos is still in similar vein as their previous albums A-LEX and Dante XXI. They combine sonic blasts of guitars and machine gun style drum beats. Derrick’s grungy and angry vocals add power to the tracks. The track “Relentless” keeps a constant fast paced melody through the entire song. Like older Sepultura, there are some nice guitar solos and slower melodic points in the song. “Dialog” is an interesting track. It sways back and forth between heavy, melodic blasts and slow, grungy grooves. The slow parts have Derrick simply talking over the music while the faster parts have his usual angry vocals. “Structure Violence” is one of the most interesting tracks. It has some nice metallic percussion sounds laid on top of a variety of heavy guitar grooves, distorted guitar riffs and steady drum beats. The song has a industrial tribal feel to it.

One of the weaker tracks on the album is their cover of Ministry’s “Just One Fix“. It’s not a bad cover and they do add their “sound” to the track but it seems out of place on the album. The song also loses its original chaotic nature with Sepultura playing it. Also out of place on the album are three interludes titled “2011”, “1433” & “5772”. I have no clue what the point of these are. They’re just odd background sounds of crowds talking, faint church bells.

Sepultura as a band today is just as good and just as relevant as they were so many years ago. The current line up could call themselves “The Fluffy Bunny Band” and as long as they keep cranking out albums like Kairos I will gladly pay to listen.

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