The Great AmericonI think Uncle Al (Ministry, RevCo) has been teaching the kids well. News of The Great Americon arrived on my desk today. It is the creation of Sin Quirin (Ministry, RevCo). Together with Josh Bradford (RevCo, Stayte), Clayton Worbeck (Stayte), Salvador Krk (Lords of Acid) and Karma Cheema (American Head Charge) they have created a bastard son of Ministry. The three song EP they have out in the wild right now is full of fast paced, pummeling drums, lightning guitar riffs and in-your-face vocals. With Josh on vocal duty, it all sounds similar in style to the latest RevCo album. All of these are good things. With Al retiring Ministry, it’s nice to know there are guys out there more than capable of carrying on the life threatening Industrial sound Ministry became known for. I look forward to a full album. Check out The Great Americon EP below. It’s well worth a listen.

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