Troglodyte Welcome to Boggy Creek album coverI have to start this review with full disclosure. I can be picky about music (because I love it so) but I am very picky when it comes to Death Metal. The standard fare of a wall of noise and blast beats with what sounds like someone belching non stop into the mic never interests me. I like my metal to have some variety and rhythm to it. When song after song is exactly the same, you just have to turn it off. This album is none of that. To this picky listener, Troglodyte delivers an excellent album that’s catchy and interesting. So much so that I’ve listened to the damn thing countless times already and I’ve only had it a few days.

As the band name would suggest, these guys are anthropoid, Bigfoot-type creatures. Most likely they are extremely reclusive and dwell in caves too (they are from Kansas City, MO after all). From the band name, to the songs they sing and even their stage presence, these guys are Troglodytes. On stage all members have the appearance of cave men like creatures. The album title is based around the 1970’s Boggy Creek docudramas about a bigfoot like creature. The songs they sing are all about Bigfoot in some way and it all works very well.

First thing to point out with this album is that it is very balanced. There aren’t any spots where the vocals annoy or the lead guitar makes you want to stab a pencil in your ear. It has a great sound and is well mixed. For me this is a big thing for a Death Metal band. Also, the album artwork created by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design is fantastic. It captures the horror and Bigfoot theme of the album beautifully.

The music these guys put out is pummeling and fast paced (as if a Death metal band would be slow?). They change things up through out to keep it interesting though. The tracks “Piece of You” and “Mummified Yeti Hand” are relentless with insanely fast drumming, equally fast guitar work and a combo of the “belch” like vocal with some grunting singing like vocals. They add in some nice hooks and rhythms during the chorus for “Mummified Yeti Hand

Caught [on Super 8]” changes things up. Things are more melodic (yet still pummel) with the drums. The guitars squeal and hook away, almost Carcass style. The vocals move along as barks and grunts. Unlike many Death Metal acts you can understand what is being sung. “Bring Me the Head of Bigfoot” follows in a similar fashion, adding some great breaks and hooks with the chorus.

With “Skunk Ape Rape: The Rapture“, the guys from Trog blast you in the face to start with speedy guitar riffs and thundering drums. Things “slow” down some and get more hooks in parts all the while they ask the question … “Is it rape if it feels good?” Such philosophers.

Just to keep things interesting, the Trog guys throw in a nod to S.O.D with the 7 second track “The Only Good Hippie…Is A Dead Hippie.” It is what you’d think it’d be. A quick blast of musical fun. Damn hippies.

To me, the best track on Welcome To Boggy Creek is “Hit By The Hendersons“. Yup, the song is based around the film Harry and the Hendersons. The drums pound and batter, the guitars grunt and squeal and the barking vocals add some nice rhythm to the song. The vocals, the riff during the chorus and the clever lyrics make it a great track.

If you like your Death Metal fast and loud with some catchy riffs and hooks, while not taking itself super seriously, then you will like Troglodyte’s Welcome to Boggy Creek. Be sure to check out their website where they are currently streaming the entire album and you can buy it for only $10 shipped. Just don’t let the Trogs get you while you are there.

Website: http://neandercore.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/troglodyteband

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