El Mal Del Bien”, the mind-bending sophomore album of the Venezuela’s Cultura Tres, originally issued by the band in 2011, is being re-released today on CD by the UK based label Devouter Records. Devouter has recently released on vinyl debut albums by Make and Galvano and has some more intriguing offerings in the pipeline.

“El Mal Del Bien” is a highly versatile trip filled with oppressive passages and hypnotic rhythms, engaging bass lines, drawn out sludgy riffs occasionally entwined with classic solos and trash/death assaults; all this enriched by the double guitar interplay and discordancy – the Cultura Tres imprint, and multi-faced vocal styles. The album has received glowing reviews from all over the world, describing it as “a musical revelation for those tired of the usual” (Captain Beyond Zen), “way heavier than ever before” (Doommantia), “haunting and mesmerizing” (Metal Underground), “pretty much flawless” (Terrorizer) and “a solid gold sludge doom masterpiece that deserves to be heard” (Sonic Abuse), to mention but a few.

The CD edition of “El Mal Del Bien”contains two tracks who could be found only digitally by now and don’t appear on the vinyl version of the album. The release comes as a 4-panel Digipack CD with the original “El Mal Del Bien” cover art and full lyrics. Both CD and Vinyl can be ordered directly from Devouter Records and are distributed via Shellshock commercial partners, and will soon be available from Record Heaven, Sweden. The album can be streamed in full below.

Be sure to check out our review of the album.

To support the release Cultura Tres will play in UK on the following dates:

Nov 15th – The Hole in The Wall, Colchester (w/ Telepathy & Old Man Lizard)

Nov 17th – The Asylum 2, Birmingham (w/ Slabdragger, Undersmile, Bastard of the Skies & more)

Nov 16th – The Purple Turtle, London (w/ Abrahma, Enos, Telepathy & more)

Buy the album:

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Track list:

01. Propiedad De Dios

02. Purified

03. Los Muertos De Mi Color

04. El Sur De La Fe

05. No Es Mi Verdad

06. The Grace

07. El Mal Del Bien

08. Voices

09. Tres Seis Diez Dos

10. Your Call

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