Troglodyte – Don’t Go In The Woods
Released: November 6th, 2012
Label: No More Tomorrow

Troglodyte - Dont' Go In The WoodsIf you look around this site you will probably notice an “odd” thing. We don’t cover a lot of Death Metal around here. Some might say it’s because we are music snobs. The truth of it is, a lot of Death Metal just all sounds the same. That’s boring to write about. We are picky bastards when it comes to music, even with our Death Metal. Thankfully though when bands like Troglodyte come around it’s a great change of pace.

Don’t Go In The Woods” is the second official release from the Neandercore boys in Troglodyte. Just like their previous effort they have put together one killer album. They also continue to be able to write tracks around their core theme of; Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Anthropoid Ape, whatever you want to call it. It is a talent unto itself to have two full albums around such a topic and have it still seem so… serious.

Similar to their previous effort, “Don’t Go In The Woods” is thirteen tracks of grunting, pummeling Troglodyte mayhem. Mayhem that manages to stay super heavy, but also maintain plenty of catchy riffs, head nodding beats and vocal melodies that get stuck in your head. Who would think a Death Metal band could do that. The best example of this is with the track “Sasquatch Ocean.” It starts off with some great rhythmic guitar stabs and growls, quickly kicking into pummeling breakdowns only to switch back to crunching guitars riffs and melodic, heavy beats. The vocal work by Jeff Sisson add much to the over rhythm and catchiness of the track.

Minnesota Iceman Cometh” is another track that stands out amongst the usual sound of Death Metal. It’s a fast and melodic track that works the rhythm between the guitar, drums and vocals well. It hits you with just enough of that pummeling “wall of noise” at times to then switch back to rhythmic riffs and guitar jabs. Then you have tracks like “Red Handed” which is one minute and twenty seconds of speed, heaviness and growls bashing you in the skull and dragging you off into the dark.

The thing I feel Troglodyte really has going for them when it comes to their sound is an excellent blend of melodic Death Metal with a touch of Thrash. “Don’t Go In The Woods” has the blast beats and pummeling of your usual death metal fair, but that’s broken apart with so much melodic breakdowns, lighting speed guitar work and rhythmic vocals that it helps to set Troglodyte apart.

It’s a rare thing for me to listen to a Death Metal album repeatedly in one sitting. With “Don’t Go In The Woods” however, I can’t stop listening to it. I still have the same complaint from the last album however. By the time “Don’t Go In The Woods” is over, you are left with wanting more. That’s not a bad “problem” to have at all. I advise picking up a copy of “Don’t Go In The Woods.” Not only because it’s a killer album, but also because, well, who knows what the Trogs will do to you if you don’t.

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