Cultura Tres – El Mal del Bien
Released: March 5, 2011
Label: Dead Plan Records

You don’t hear too many metal bands coming out of South America worth listening to. There’s a few but not many. Cultura Tres is one to listen to. They are hailed as the national rock/sludge pride of Venezuela. Starting around 2007 they released their first EP “Seis” and released their debut album, “La Cura” in 2008. In summer of 2010 they put together their second full length album, “El Mal del Bien”.

El Mal del Bien” (The Evil of Good) is a decent doom/sludge metal album that you can tell came from different influences. This is not an album to just turn on for a quick listen. It’s one of those albums you really need to immerse yourself with. Each song is full of sludgy heavy bass lines and sluggish doom driven drums. What’s interesting though is the album and songs ebb and flow between slow, creepy doom melody and faster, harsh metal rock. Vocalist Alejandro LondoƱo works the mic well going back and forth between a harsh growl and low, creepy doom ‘n gloom vocals. The guys from Cultura Tres work in a creepy atmosphere along side the doom and gloom sludge rock quite well. On almost all of the tracks you can hear influences from some of the more sludgy songs of Alice In Chains to the more creepy, ambient metal sounds of bands like Neurosis.

One drawback to “El Mal del Bien” is the amount of similarity between all the tracks. Each song sounds so similar to each other you’re not quite sure when you are hearing a new song (much like a Bad Religion album). A bit more dynamic sound would be an excellent addition. Overall though, if you are a fan of sluggish, sludgy and creepy doom metal take a listen to Cultra Tres and “El Mal del Bien“. You’ll dig it.

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