Leæther Strip – Untold Stories: The Melancholic Sessions
Released: October 1st, 2011
Label: Self released by Claus Larsen

Claus Larsen has been a busy guy. Earlier this year he released a new Klutæ album, Electro Punks Unite. That album is harsh, fast and aggressive. Everything one would expect from a Klutæ album. Leæther Strip – Untold Stories is also what one would expect from a Leæther Strip album. As the album’s full title implies, this release by Claus is perfectly dark, moody and melancholy.

With Untold Stories Claus has kept the root electronic vibe Leæther Strip is known for. This time around though, as he has done periodically on other albums, he has slowed things down. None of the tracks break out into fast electro-dance beats. Claus keeps the entire album on an even keel of somber and darkness, even with the more “upbeat” tracks.

Tracks like “Giants” and “Untold Stories” are the most moody. They are filled with slow, creepy vocals surrounded by somber keyboards and ambient sounds. “The Queen Of The Dusk” runs with a similar style as well, but has Claus putting some more aggression and even more creepiness into his vocals. It’s a nice slow track filled with moody keyboards, eery percussion sounds and disturbing ambient noises.

Love Is Dead“, “Ever Changing Landscapes” and “Listen To The Children Pray” change things up with slightly more club like electronic beats, rhythms and a more usual Leæther Strip electronic feel. Claus ditches the slow creepy vocals for more melody and singing but holds on to some of the aggression. “Ever Changing Landscapes” almost has an ’80s synth pop vibe to it. “True Glory – False Heroes” layers on the club like beats and electronic ambient noise but combines it with aggressive angry vocals. It walks a fine line between being a Leæther Strip song and a Klutæ one.

One thing to note about Leæther StripUntold Stories is that it is self-released by Claus. You can find more info about how to order it at the Leæther Strip – Untold Stories Facebook page or go to the Leæther Strip bandcamp page. This is something I think more bands should start doing. I prefer to directly buy from the artist.

Overall if you are a fan of Leæther Strip, especially the more somber, darker sounding albums, you will enjoy Untold Stories. It is dark enough to appeal to goth fans and has enough electronic beats and rhythms to appeal to electro-industrial fans.

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