Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil
Released: October 25th, 2011
Label: Napalm Records

“Blues, grooves and a bottle of booze” is what Lonely Kamel is all about. That is their motto. These boys speak the truth. Their latest album, “Dust Devil,” is all about combining Stoner Sludge Metal with a Blues Rock feel. Music that would make the likes of ZZ Top and Monster Magnet fans smile.

Coming out of the gate, Lonely Kamel hits you right off with “Grim Reefer“. The song has some nice slide work and blues guitar rhythms right from the start.That shifts into a sweet distorted sludge groove and Thomas Brenna’s gruff and melodic vocals. His vocal work fits perfectly for a blues metal feel. “Blues For The Dead” continues along in similar fashion, dropping some of the blues for a faster, groove oriented Sabbath feel. With their track “Seventh Son“, I think the boys are paying homage to Sabbath. It’s fueled by slow stoner riffs and sludgy drum work, and by slow and sludge I mean “Black Sabbath” (the song) slow and sludgy.

Roadtrip With Lucifer” finds Lonely Kamel out of the sludge into some fast paced straight up rock. They work up some nice lead guitar and catchy drumming for a faster beat as you’re barreling down the highway with Satan himself. “Hard To Please” is similar, keeping the fast paced rock vibe going. It’s reminiscent of old ZZ Top.

Lonely Kamel‘s Dust Devil seems to go through phases as the tracks progress. It’s starts off blues heavy, slipping into some sludge around the middle and then pulling itself out of the sluggish vibe for some straight up blues rock towards the end. That would be my only complaint about Dust Devil. I would have loved to have a few more blues heavy tracks like “Grim Reefer“, but that’s one small complaint when you listen to all you get with Dust Devil.

This foursome from Oslo, Norway has put together an album so sludgy, dirty, groovy and blues heavy you’d have to be a zombie to not move to this album.

Buy the album:

A Tale of a Madman” from their album Blues For The Dead

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