Alestorm – Back Through Time
Released: June 3rd, 2011
Label: Napalm Records

In my book it is better to be late, than never. We may be a few months behind of Alestorm’s release of their latest album Back Through Time but they are well worth still covering. Hailing from Perth, Scotland and calling Napalm Records their label home, I actually happened across these guys by accident. After reading their description as “Scottish Pirate Metal”, I was intrigued. After listening to them I was hooked.

It’s rare (and difficult) to describe a band so perfectly in so few words. But those three words, “Scottish Pirate Metal” sum up the sound of Alestorm exactly. With many acts today, a “gimmick” or “theme,” if you will, is needed to get noticed. Some bands dress as and sing about Big Foot. Alestorm has the pirate metal genre locked down.

Back Through Time immediately latches on to you with its mix of metal and folk music, Scottish accents and blistering pace. Tracks like “Shipwrecked“, “Rum” and “Buckfast Powersmash” push through you with some killer lead guitars, pummeling drums, pirate like folk rhythms and Christopher Bowes heavy accented vocals. “Death Throes of the Terrorsquid” takes you on an eight minute, metal fueled pirate journey.

Really the whole album is like that. I really don’t get into much of the “folk metal” that I have heard. What Alestorm puts together all works seemlessly and is addictive listening. While listening to Back Through Time, the energy and sound these guys create makes you want to start sailing, heavily drink mead or rum and start pillaging around the world.

Alestorm’s Back Through Time is music every seedy pub and dirty bar should be required to have in its juke box. Then we can at least sing our Alestorm pirate songs pretending to be pirates. That’s just as dangerous, right?


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