Anthrax – Worship Music
Released: September 13th, 2011
Label: Megaforce

“Welcome back Anthrax!” Yes, I know Anthrax never went anywhere and they have been putting out (very few) albums over the years. Those albums post Sound of White Noise, were not really at the levels one might expect from the Thrash masters everyone knew from the ’80s. With Worship Music however that has now finally changed.

I know some Anthrax fans have been fairly divided about the band. The old-school fans really dug Joey Belladonna. The fans that came later prefer the John Bush era of Anthrax. Personally, I like both singers but I think Anthrax had more to offer with Joey. So it’s no real surprise that with the new album Anthrax asked Joey to return to the mic once again (though they did try to get John Bush back first). I will say, a little suprisingly, Joey’s vocals fit right in with the sound on Worship Music. You can tell the man still has his voice, not sounding much different than he did back in the ’80s.

Worship Music definitely has Anthrax finding their groove once again. The album is fast, heavy and full of melodic grooves, killer drums and wailing guitars. You can hear that signature old-school Anthrax sound in songs like “Fight ‘Em Til You Can’t“, “The Giant” and “Earth On Hell“. They have killer riffs and grooves that will make you whip your head around. Tracks like “In The End” and “Crawl” have a touch of the darker tone Anthrax picked up like on Sound of White Noise. Drummers will enjoy the intermission track “Hymn 2

It seems that everything fell into place quite well with Worship Music. The vocals, the guitars, the drums, the production all sound excellent. Worship Music sounds like the album that should have came out after Persistence of Time back in the day. So I say, “welcome back” to the spotlight Anthrax. Keep heading in the direction you have started with Worship Music.

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