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Leather Strip Untold StoriesClaus Larsen has been busy. Earlier this year he released Klutæ: Electro Punks Unite. Now he is self releasing a new Leæther Strip album that won’t be available in stores. Leæther Strip: Untold Stories – The Melancholic Sessions is now available for pre-order with an official release of October 1st. Head on over to the Leæther Strip: Untold Stories Facebook page for details.


Leæther Strip will be back with a fresh new self-released (world wide) album this fall 2011.
Release date is October 1st, and Pre-sales will start September 1st.
It will not be available in stores, and will only be sold through Claus Larsen and at concerts.

The album has 14 news songs and the first 1000 copies will be a limited edition hand numbered Digi-pack + a CD-ROM filled with new remixes and collaborations in Wav format from some really amazing artists.

Claus Larsen’s statement on the album:

This album has been in my head for many years, and after completing the somewhat aggressive Klutæ album “Electro Punks unite”, I really felt it was time to dig for my roots and to really embrace my melancholic and melodic side more than I have done over the years. The Songs have a very retro electronic sound that most of my listeners knows I love, and on most of the songs you will hear me actually sing like the good boy I also have deep inside. It was a hard job to dig him out.

I have also decided to make this album a fully self-released album. I love and need the direct contact with the listeners and sure I know I will not have a big distributor behind me but to have this contact is more important for me than sales, yes it sounds cheesy , but that’s how I feel.

I’m so excited about this album and I hope you will like my little trip down the dark road of melancholy.

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