Dead Hand Projekt – Horror EP
Released: June 14th, 2011
Label: Vendetta Music
Dead Hand Project logoIt’s interesting how many different “flavors” Industrial music has. You have your dancy EBM stuff like Nitzer Ebb, you have your more metal sound like with Ministry and you have your Electro-Industrial sound with bands like Combichrist. Dead Hand Projekt falls firmly into the Electro-Industrial genre. They would fit right in on tour with Combichrist.

Taury Goforth is the main instigator of Dead Hand Projekt. He and his cohorts have created an aggressive, in-your-face Industrial album with their Horror EP. All the songs on the EP are filled with pulsing and pounding beats, melodic electronic noise and angry, aggressive vocals. The music is harsh and aggressive but still maintains a dance quality to it. The goths kids in the dance clubs could definitely get down with it.

Unfortunatly the EP only has four songs. Which means it is way too short. The music is solid with all the songs on the EP. I’m looking forward to Dead Hand Projekt’s full release. If you’re a fan of bands like KMFDM, Combichrist, Leaetherstrip, you’ll dig Dead Hand Projekt’s Horror EP.

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