Comaduster – Hollow World
Released: June 18th, 2013
Label: Tympanik Audio
★★★★½comaduster - hollow worldsWhen it comes to fusion, electronic music is really hit or miss. And as we near the end of the dubstep craze (cue singing angels), the real artists are beginning to come out of the woodwork. Such is the case for Comaduster pioneer and audio sorcerer Real Cardinal with his release of Hollow Worlds. The album is a masterfully crafted brew of electronica, EDM, synthpop, glitch, dubstep, witchcraft and wizardry. As if my Canada fetish needs more fuel, let me also add that he hails from the north.

Hollow Worlds introduces the first track “Ma” with lots of bass blasts and unique drum patterns. I was a little fearful, at first, that this would be a dubstep album I’d have to sit through. My fears quickly vanished within the first thirty seconds of the second song “Winter Eyes“. An artful union of man and machine, the track features an EDM structure complimented by lightly-altered vocals and the atmospheric depth of ambient electronica. Track number four shares the album title and serves as an excellent example of the feature in whole. Throughout the entire album, Hollow Worlds carries a dark, aural emotion that is unmistakable; songs like “Walls” and “Chasms” really display the versatility of Comaduster without stepping outside a very signature sound.

Hollow Worlds picks up its pace for the eighth song “Futureproof Design” with quicker drum tempos, dreamy synthesizer bridges, and a little screaming here and there. This high energy carries through to the following track “Nightsail” which features drum and bass style beats and more of that synthy dreaminess found in track eight. The final track “Connecting the Seams” has a more ambient, trip-hop feel to it as it serves as excellent closure to the album; I do warn you that this closure does last three more minutes than it should, as the track is over seven minutes long.

If you like any style of electronic music at all, I would recommend Hollow Worlds. I really commend Comaduster for making such a dynamic feature that tastefully incorporates such opposing styles. And I really commend Comaduster for tricking me into liking dubstep! That’s some black magic. So for the second time this week, thanks Canada!

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