The Graviators – Evil Deeds
Released: September 11th, 2012
Label: Napalm Records

It seems like more and more metal bands are working towards bringing back that 70’s stoner/doom metal sound. Bands such as The Sword, Witchcraft and The Graviators are doing it justice too.

The Graviators started out in southern Sweden in 2009 with the direct goal of recording music heavily inspired by the great metal of the 70’s. They were looking to create that ultimate mix of heavy, yet melodic metal to which they have most definitely succeeded with Evil Deeds.

Evil Deeds is only the second album for The Graviators. Usually bands work through a few albums before finding their “sound”, but I think The Graviators have found their groove very quickly. Evil Deeds is full of heavy, melodic metal tunes with solid guitar solos, catchy riffs and heavy, excellent drum work.

Tracks like “Evil Deeds” and “Soulstealer” are full of head nodding beats mixed with melodic riffs and wailing guitar leads. All while Niklas vocals add tension to the doom atmosphere. They do switch things up on a couple tracks, like with “Presence“, which slows things down a bit and adds a more prog rock like vibe.

One thing to note too is the production value. So many bands going for that 70s sound have piss poor production quality. Not Evil Deeds. Everything is crisp and clear, every instrument is heard and there’s nothing shoddy about the production work at all.

Fans of 70’s Doom and Stoner rock will easily latch on to Evil Deeds. If you dig bands like Black Sabbath or Saint Vitus, check out The Graviators latest Evil Deeds.


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