Svölk – Nights Under the Round Table
Released: September 11th, 2012
Label: Napalm Records

“Bear metal”. That is how Svölk describes the music they play. I’m not exactly sure what it means, but I like it. “Bear metal” is used to describe their musical sound of stoner rock mixed with classic metal with just a splash of 70’s doom. It works. Maybe they call it “Bear metal” because it will eat you alive?

Hailing from Oslo, Norway Svölk has been around since 2005 and have been working hard for the past few years establishing themselves on the Norwegian metal scene. Releasing their first album “Svölk ’em All” in 2011, Svölk is now releasing their follow up album Nights Under The Round Table onto the world. I definitely say it’s time for all to succumb to “Bear Metal”.

Each track on Nights Under The Round Table stands out on it’s own. Each song twists and contorts in various ways fusing sludgy, stoner metal with crunchy classic rock tempos and throaty, melodic vocals. The track “Fallen” starts out sluggish, almost doom like. It progresses forward with a nice slow build into heavy guitar churning. Then finishes off with an upbeat, fast paced 70’s metal sound. Whereas the track “Bearserk” is full of driving, fast drum beats with wailing guitar leads. It’s very much a classic metal sound then switches gears into choppy, rhythmic riffs and beats kin to an Anthrax like quality. Then you have tracks like “To Conquer Death You Only Have To Die” with it’s core in a sludgy, blues metal feel interspersed with crunchy guitars and wailing rock vocals during the chorus.

Svölk has put together a great album with Nights Under The Round Table. One that keeps you interested. All the tracks stand on their own, but also work together very well as a complete album. Not a single track feels out of place. With all it’s twists it keeps you wanting more. If you dig stoner metal and that classic rock sound (think bands such as Danzig, Iron Maiden, etc) check out Svölk.

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