Joe4 – Enola Gay EP
Label: Whosbrain Records
Released: June 15th, 2011

Joe4 Enola GrayI’m not sure what it is about noise rock that draws me to it. It’s probably the same thing that draws me to old-school punk. There’s a rawness and honesty about it. This goes true for Joe4.

The songs on Enola Gay are a balanced mix of crunchy guitars, thumping bass drum, and a snare that hits hard. The bass guitar adds a smooth flow over it all. In terms of noise rock, Joe4 leans more towards what would be considered the slower side, but it’s just as rhythmic and raw. Think bass lines of Fugazi mixed with the crunch noise of The Jesus Lizard. The vocals have a clean edge to them, with some slight distortion to blend in. The screams never get annoying and the tone fits the music well.

It’s hard to do a proper review with just a 5 song EP. Joe4 has left me wanting to hear more when their full-length album comes out later this year. If you’re a fan of noise rock and bands like The Jesus Lizard, Cop Shoot Cop or Season To Risk, check out Joe4’s Enola Gray EP below.

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