This video/song came across my desk a few days ago. I know absolutely nothing about the band or the artist behind it and The Oracle (Google) was not much help. So I’ll just post the info that I got. All I could gather is Götterdämmerung is a Goth band by artist Marc Bijl. The song “Skincree” is pretty cool though and hypnotic. It’s worth watching/listening if you are a fan of Goth.

On to the official PR:
Production duo Claudia Crobatia and Macha Rousakov present their latest video, commissioned by conceptual artist Marc Bijl, for ‘Skincree’, in which the young and talented Dutch actress Lisa Smit plays the leading part.

Marc Bijl (1970) is the biggest rebel in the Dutch art world nowadays. His work, consisting of installations, sculptures, interventions in public space, videos and paintings, strongly goes against the web of ideas and systems that we are often trapped in, such as religion and commercialisation. He approached Claudia to see if she was interested in making a video for his new wave / post punk band Götterdämmerung, in relation to his upcoming overview exhibition in the Groninger Museum, where a DVD will be released with all of the bands work.

Claudia Crobatia made her debut as a director earlier this year with a video for the British band Lamb, for the song ‘Butterfly Effect’. Together with producer Macha Rousakov she started a production company, known as SINCE productions. Marc and Claudia were completely on the same wavelength about the visual interpretation of the song ’Skincree’. They both share a big interest for the more dark, aesthetic experience of reality.

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