Chicago-based experimental act Counterfeit I is the brainchild of songwriter and front man Derek Allen. Taking cues from Mogwai, Coltrane, Penderecki and Depeche Mode, Counterfeit i creates a unique mixture of intense soundscapes and swooning melodies atop upfront guitars and distant drums.

Still Vol. II, out April 8, is the second in a series titled Still, with Volume 1 surfacing in 2013 (the UK’s Intravenous Mag called the release “a cross between the sublime dissonance of ‘Mourner’ era Caina and the haunting emotion of Deftones by way of Mogwai”). Mastered by Colin Jordan (Xiu Xiu, Pigface) at the Boiler Room in Chicago, Still Vol. II, shares some of the same emotional intensity and melancholic melodies with its predecessor, as Allen explains, “After creating and touring something so ambient, it felt needed to make something opposite. It’s still ambient, but has louder tendencies.”

Check out a full stream of the new EP over at Scene Point Blank or buy from Amazon using the player below.

[amazonmp3 asin=”B00IO1ZF2U”]

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